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What happens on spring break, stays on spring break ... right?


What’s more cliché than falling for some guy in a band?

                                                                     —Gracyn George

It was supposed to be a no-strings fling. Nothing more. Sun, sand, sex—that’s it.. But that was before he strummed his way into my heart. Each note leaving a tingle in my spine, the lasting melodies burned into my soul.

What’s more cliché than pining for the one who got away?
                                                                               —Gavin Keller 

I’ve sacrificed way too much to chase after the girl who snuck out in the middle of the night and left me wondering, What if …

What was supposed to be temporary becomes a longing neither of us is willing to let go.After months of trying to move on, it’s time to forget the whole thing or sync our hearts and get In Tune.


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