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UnBroken: The Series 

This band is my life and there is nothing worth screwing that up—except maybe my best friend’s sister. I spent most of my teenage years with her front and center in my mind, and that isn't changing anytime soon. 


But a huge surprise dropped on my doorstep could ruin everything.


                                          -Ian Scott, drummer for The UnBroken


My career is my life. I have been working toward this for as long as I can remember, practicing my skills on my little brother and his friends whenever I was forced to babysit them. Only one of the boys ever seemed eager to be my guinea pig, my best friend. 


He’s the one that every other guy has paled in comparison to. 


                                              -Sasha Keller, head chef at Kitchenne

Too bad these recent twists and turns in life will leave me feeling more than a little Beat Down.

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