LISBETH RITTENHOUSE keeps her head down and works hard—she has goals, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving them—especially not a sexy Irishman. Because she knows that relationships only lead to trouble, and she’s had enough of that to last a lifetime.


AIDAN KEARNEY lands in the small town of Beekman Hills, New York desperate to outrun the grief of losing his brother. Hoping to find serenity, he spends his days slinging drinks in a small pub instead of behind his camera capturing the beauty he saw before his brother’s death.


It's not peace he finds when a gorgeous redhead, whose baggage rivals his own, tumbles into his life.


One look.

One taste.

One distraction.

Aidan is hooked…

But when things get tough, will they let their past insecurities win?

Or will they beat the odds, and fight for what they both want?



Beekman Hills 1.5


Set in the world of Troubles, this novel follows the story of Finn and Adelaide. 

Fun. Flirty. And no follow through. 

FINN O'MEARA has a slick one-liner for every occasion and loves to talk a big game. Tending bar at McBride’s Public House gives him plenty of opportunities to meet the ladies—to take them home and show them a good time. He’s so talented with his tongue, they don't seem to mind that he never takes it past third base. 

ADELAIDE HUNTINGTON is infinitely more comfortable with her PC than her peers. She prefers to work from the comfort of her overstuffed chair doing what she loves: graphic and web design. Only occasionally hanging out with her surrogate grandmas until an infuriating, silver tongued man charms his way in.

While he’s trying hard to prove there’s more to him than cheesy pick-up lines, Adelaide uncovers another layer to Finn. 


"I read the second book in this series, Twist, first and loved it so much that I had to read Troubles. As a debut novel this book is outstanding and KC Enders has become one of my go to authors." 

Amazon reviewer

"Fast-paced, fun, and sexy AF. The marker scene is burned into my brain for all time. Aidan and Lis are a couple who you'll be thinking about long after the last page."

Kata Claire Cuic, author